Our mission

We are specialists in Outsourcing. Employing our expertise and know-how, our mission is to offer clients the possibility to externalise activities and to obtain benefits for them.

Llamas Services

Based in Barcelona, we have been developing Outsourcing projects for companies in different sectors since 1999. Owned by an industrial and investment group with a long tradition in the industrial, logistics and service sector. Extensive Outsourcing experience. Our main asset is our team, which has the expertise to enable the externalisation of Outsourcing tasks. We have success stories currently operating in major national and multinational clients in the industrial, logistics and distribution sectors.


Outsourcing involves the transfer of a process or function (usually non-core business) by a company to an external service provider. Each project must be analysed individually and the results focused on the needs of the client. However, the overall benefits of outsourcing are: - Greater expertise offered to the client when performing certain non-core activities or functions - Improvement in the working capital of both companies and their income statements - The company can focus on its core business, by externalising ancillary tasks or areas - Accelerated process and organisational change, streamlining the management of the company.

Virtual Company

We are specialists creating Virtual companies and give to our customers and extension of their company with technology, management, experience and outsourcing services. We implement Microsoft AX Dynamics to use the best tools and define the best business processes. You can find more in Empresavirtual.io

Industrial Outsourcing

We have success stories with industrial clients and are experts in this sector. In this type of project, through the combination of our processes, information systems and experienced teams we can provide Just-in-Time solutions that seamlessly integrate the outsourcing of activities for our clients. We can control logistical and planning processes, programming, synchronisation and industrial processes – all of which are aligned with the project objectives and produce the expected benefits at all times.


Our company has developed expertise in the following areas:

What we offer our clients:

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